Michelle Ann Kratts

Riposa in pace

In Cemetery Plots, Niagara Deaths, St. Joseph's Cemetery Records, The Italians of Niagara Falls, New York on November 17, 2012 at 6:01 pm

St.  Joseph’s Cemetery….

I was struck by her beauty as I passed the little ceramic photograph that adorned her headstone.  Classic, tragic, undying beauty. Born in the picturesque comune, San Pier Niceto, in the province of Messina, Rosa Certo was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guiseppe Certo.  She was only twenty four at the time of her death and so she will always be twenty four.

Beside her was another perfectly matching headstone belonging to a handsome young man.  Tommaso was Rosa’s nephew.  He suffered from a fractured skull.  He was smiling at us as we walked by and he will always be smiling.

Then I noticed how their death dates matched and I knew at once there was a story linking these two together for eternity.

It was February in 1932.   They had only meant to visit a sick relative and return to Niagara Falls.  Instead they took a fatal turn in Miles Heights, near Cleveland, Ohio, where their automobile was struck by a train.

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