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Destination: Amerika

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Millions of immigrants probably carried a little pouch very similar to this on their way to America.  This particular one belonged to Filip Bidak.

Filip Bidak embarked on the journey of a lifetime in May of 1900.  Leaving from Bremen, Germany, on the Barabarossa, he entered the United States at Ellis Island.  He was just about thirty years old and this little brown pouch contained all the most important documents that he would need in his new country.    This information linked him back to his birthplace in Dunajow, Galicia.  It is now a part of the Ukraine.

Filip Bidak resided in Manhatten for the rest of his life.  He died in May of 1913 and is buried in Calvalry Cemetery.

Bidak Family

The Bidak Family
Janek (John), Filip, Constantia and Josephine Bidak

Special thanks to Beverly Bidak for sharing. 

  1. Many thanks for interesting material about F. Bidak, habitant of small town
    Dunajow, that searched the best fate in United States.
    Tell me please: may I will publish this material on the pages of my site about town

    Thanks you, Oleg from Ukraine

    • Oleg,
      Yes, please share anything you’d like. That’s wonderful! Thank you. Do you have more information on this family?


      • Michelle , thank you very much for your reply . I would be grateful for any information about this family. Many residents of Dunajow emigrated to America in search of a better life. Among them were my relatives . I hope with your help and the help of the Internet to learn their fate . Once again thank you very much!


      • Oleg,

        We will be very happy to help you! I have let the Bidak family know of your interest. I’m sure they will like to share what they know.

        Thank you for your comments!

      • Oleg,
        Would you like to connect with the Bidak family that is now in America? Beverly has a lot of information and she is also hoping that you can help her to learn more about the family origins in Dunajow. You can contact Beverly at genealogygenies@gmail.com. Thank you so much for contacting us.

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