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Scalzo’s Saloon

In Saloons, The Italians of Niagara Falls, New York on March 12, 2013 at 7:43 pm
Scalzo's Saloon

Frank Scalzo –Click on the photo to make larger

A saloon owned by the Scalzo brothers.  We’re unsure of the exact address of this location.

A notation on the photograph reads:  304-11th Street?  1907-1918.

Frank Scalzo (1884-1956) was the son of Maria Saveria Critelli Scalzo and Salvatore Scalzo.  He was born in Gimigliano, province of Catanzaro, in Italy.  He came to the United States in 1885.

Courtesy Patricia DiNieri

  1. Frank Scalzo was my great-great-great uncle. His saloon on Eleventh St. was at 111 Eleventh St.

    Great pic, thanks!

    • That is wonderful, Bill. Are you in Niagara Falls? We are working on a history of Niagara’s Italian culinary tradtions and the Scalzo’s are part of the story. It would be great if you have anything else to share.

      • Hi Michelle, yes, I live in the Town of Niagara and I would absolutely love to be involved. My family is all so excited about the picture of Frank, we’ve been searching for ages! And the saloon, I never thought I’d see a picture of it.

        I am reasonably sure that your photo is of the original Scalzo Brothers saloon at 111 Eleventh St and not the later building at 11th and E. Falls.

        I have in my possession an old scrapbook that belonged to my great-grandfather Angelo F. Scalzo, the attorney and judge. Would love to share that and another materials I have with you.

        “My” branch of the family (Salvatore and Maria’s family) built the original building at 11th and East Falls, before transferring it to Angelo A. Scalzo’s branch of the family in 1906. I am not sure why that transfer took place. People always ask me if I’m related to the restaurant Scalzos. I tell them I was related, but not sure exactly how.

        One problem is that the Scalzo’s arrived in America in 1883 and the Ellis Island records didn’t really start up until a few years later.

        My # is 579-4537 if you want to meet up for coffee and to look over some old stuff.

    • Hi Bill, my name is Sirianni…my father…Tommaso Sirianni had an Aunt Scalzo she lived in Niagara Falls N,Y, Her family owned the Restaurant on PINE St. She also lived on Pine…maybe you just found more relatives…Ps She came to my wedding shower and also helped us with clothes when we first came from Italy…

  2. I should have mentioned, Salvatore and Maria (Critelli) Scalzo were my great-great grandparents. I am descended from their son Angelo F. Scalzo, the attorney, who was my great grandfather.

    • Hi, I’m glad you wrote this up and that I found you.

      I have been researching various families from / in Gimigliano for the past 25 years. My ancestors include Minervino, Chiarella, Trapasso, Rotundo, Cubello, Scalzo, Rizzo, Sacco, Concolino, etc., etc. (a Who’s Who of Gimigliano surnames).

      I am curious about your great-great grandparents (Salvatore Scalzo and Maria (Critelli) Scalzo) and whether you have found their ancestors?

      I have transcribed many Gimigliano records and have data on some people going back to the late 1600’s. I would love to connect your Scalzo/Critelli ancestors to Gimiglianese from an earlier time.

      Thank you,
      Jim Minervino

    • I have been searching for years to find out more information of my grandmother. Her name is Maria Constantina Critelli. I have no idea if she is related to Scalzo’s. What a coincidence…in high school I knew a girl her last name was Scalzo. I was born in Niagara Falls, NY and I graduated from Niagara Falls High School 1966. Is there anyone that connects to my entry?

      • Hi Bev,

        Your timing is excellent as I just returned from 11 days in Italy including 3 in Gimigliano (my first time there !).

        Critelli/Critello and Scalzo are not that uncommon for Gimiglianese surnames and many people who left Gimigliano in the 1880-1920 immigration wave settled in Niagara Falls, NY. So you likely had people around you who had some of these surnames.

        Do you know what year your grandmother was born and was she born in the US or in Gimigliano or somewhere else?


  3. Are you available to meet with our Italian research group on Monday, November 25th at 6:00 at the Lewiston Public Library? One of our researchers, Pat DiNieri, has a huge scrapbook with photos etc of your family. Many photos from Italy. I can ask her to bring that along. I would love to see what you have, too! Thanks so much! This project is turning into a goldmine of Italian history. We would love to have you as a part of it. So many pictures and stories are surfacing. The Italian Americans were such an integral part of our history.

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