Michelle Ann Kratts

Some War of 1812 Artifacts at the Lewiston Public Library

In Lewiston, Lewiston Public Library, Old Lewiston, War of 1812 on December 17, 2013 at 9:13 pm

War of 1812 artifacts

As the anniversary of the burning of the Niagara Frontier approaches, you may like to view some artifacts from that period in the Lewiston Public Library. These items from the War of 1812 period were donated by Jack Dryja.

The following description was included with the items:

At top left is a .69 cal. American musket ball found in Lewiston, New York, at a US camp called Hardscrabble, which was burned by the British in 1814.

At top right is a .75 cal. British musket ball also found in Lewiston, New York, at a site known as Sage’s Tavern.  This musket ball was used in the Brown Bess Rifle.  On December 19, 1813, after capturing Fort Nigara and burning the Village of Lewiston, the British Army commandeered this site and used it for their headquarters. 

Included are pipe bowl stems and chards from clay pipes of that era. 

Also included is Flint (used in the 18th Century) found in Artpark, Lewiston, New York.


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