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Niagara Falls High School and “The Chronicle”

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The Chronicle

Just as summer is winding down…and school is around the corner, here is a post about Niagara Falls High School.

My friend, Tom Patti, a former teacher at the school, worked on this project, which involved tracing the history of Niagara Falls High School and presenting it in “the Chronicle format.”  The Chronicle was the old school newspaper.  Along with using old newspapers from the archives, they accessed audio and video recordings, as well as personal scrapbooks.  Their work was on display at the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center on Pine Avenue and Portage Road (the old “High School” location).

Enjoy this little peek back in time and learn about the great fire that brought the school to ashes, how Niagara Falls fared during the Depression, the Roaring Twenties, WWII.  There are several personal stories and sports adventures.  Poor “Jerry the Gob” actually had quit school at age fourteen, falsified his birth certificate and joined the US Navy!  On occasion he wrote to the Chronicle and shared his stories with the students.  Of course, being Niagara Falls, there is a comical (and almost disastrous) story about electricity, Niagara Falls High School students and Thomas Edison!  Hmmm….can’t help but wonder if Tesla had something to do with this…

Read all about it and many other fascinating stories of Niagara’s history…(click below):

The Chronicle


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