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Societa’ Femminile di Carita’ Spirituale delle Anime Sante Del Purgatorio

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By Michelle Ann Kratts

We see these societies most often mentioned in obituaries.  Societies that concern themselves with special saints, the Virgin Mary, and “souls in purgatory.”    I recently found a pamphlet (in Italian):  STATUTO della Societa’ Femminile di Carita’ Spiritual delle ANIME SANTE DEL PURGATORIO.  The date of its founding is on the front cover:  10 November 1925.  The founder is also noted:  Jennie Cottoni, NIAGARA FALLS, NY.




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Jennie Cottoni (Giovanna Cottone) lived in Niagara Falls for a half a century.  She died on April 21, 1959.  Born in Italy, in 1876, she was the founder and president of the delle Anime Sante del Purgatorio Society and a member of most of the others.  She is buried at St. Joseph’s Cemetery.

From what I can loosely translate of this pamphlet some of the articles include the following tenets:  that the society members attend a mass every first Monday of the month and light a perpetual candle for the repose of the souls of the dead;   only Catholics may be members, and they must be “married with the law of the church of St. Joseph” ;  a mass may be said in honor of a deceased member;  the members are obliged to take Holy Communion on the Day of the Dead;  the members must promise to be faithful to the laws and to “rescue the holy souls in purgatory.”

Other Roman Catholic and Italian societies in Niagara Falls include the following:

**Mariana Duca degli Abruzzi Society

**Madonna DiCarmine

**Congrea Madonna Perpetuo Soccorso Society

**Umberto Nobile Society

**The Rosary Society

**The Third Order of Mt. Carmel

**The Third Order of St. Francis


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