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Wartime World,Part III: Easter Dinner, 1942

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Before we go on with our three meals a day, in “war-style,” I thought that we might be interested in celebrating Easter in “war-style.” I recently found this Easter Dinner menu in Mrs. Alex George’s column from Easter week, 1942.


April 2, 1942

Even as the war rushed on and the news told tales of violent RAF fights against the Germans, Niagarans went about their daily lives. Friday, April 3, was Good Friday and Mayor John H. Keller, had announced in the Niagara Falls Gazette that the afternoon of April 3, would be proclaimed a civic holiday as “a considerable number of the residents of this city of Christian affiliation will participate in the afternoon services to be held in their respective churches.”


Other major events on everyone’s minds included…will there be enough razor blades to go around? During the month of March, a rush of purchasing followed a dire news report stating that razor blade imports of high-grade Swedish steel would be entirely cut-off. Area stores, during the height of the rush, such as Walgreen Drug Company on Falls Street, said that some purchasers were hoarding a year’s supply. “Person’s who try to hoard, even if it is razor blades, should be held in scorn by the public” said one man who was interviewed by the newspaper. In the end, there were enough blades to meet the demand and a severe crisis averted.


Another great question of the day was… can the lights be turned on the Falls again–at least during the tourist season? Several important gentlemen met at the General Brock Hotel in Niagara Falls, Ontario, to form a committee to interview the Hydro Commission at Toronto to request that the board be allowed to illuminate the Falls from May 24 to Labor Day. Because of the war, the Falls were not to be illuminated. The committee believed that lighting the Falls would not interfere with the flow of Niagara power.

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And don’t forget those Easter Sunday outfits from Beir Bros.! Check out these popular and affordable “1942 Creations.”


And life goes on….


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