Michelle Ann Kratts

The Lewiston Public Library and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; “Jewish Refugees Desperately Seek Safe Harbor”

In The Holocaust and Niagara Falls on January 6, 2017 at 8:23 pm

Apparently, Niagarans were quite interested in the fate of the Jewish refugees on board the ill-fated St. Louis that had left Germany in May of 1939, in hopes of resettling its passengers in Cuba. Several news articles carried the updates and usually with a sympathetic tone. Time had run out and no one would take in these desperate asylum seekers, not even the United States. Most of the passengers were returned to Europe and perished in the Holocaust.

Here are some of the articles as they appeared in the Niagara Falls Gazette. You can access the original article in the links listed in the user comments.

https://newspapers.ushmm.org/article/6313 “Ship With Cargo of Terrified Refugees Cruises Caribbean”


https://newspapers.ushmm.org/article/6312 “Liner Carrying 900 Jewish Refugees is headed for Germany”


https://newspapers.ushmm.org/article/6295 “Liner Heading Back to Germany with its 907 Refugees”


https://newspapers.ushmm.org/article/6310 “Cuba is Silent on Offer to Post Big Bond for Refugees”


https://newspapers.ushmm.org/article/6293 “Human Derelicts”


https://newspapers.ushmm.org/article/6311 “Despair Turns to Joy for Refugees”


https://newspapers.ushmm.org/article/6314 “Exiles Who Reached United States Are Luckiest of Jewish Refugees”


https://newspapers.ushmm.org/article/6294 “The Jewish Refugees”



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