Michelle Ann Kratts


Welcome to the Lewiston Public Library’s genealogy and local history blog!  Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date and useful information possible to help you search for ancestors.

The Dead Beats Society was founded in 2008 as a group of genealogy volunteers at the Lewiston Public Library.  They have worked on various local history projects including transcribing local records, the digitization of obituaries from the Niagara Falls Gazette and the organization and digitization of the newly discovered records of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) located in Lewiston, New York.

The Dead Beats Society meets each month at the library.  Consult a current library calendar for details.

Check out the library’s website at :


Please contact Michelle Kratts with any inquiries at:


  1. Truly appreciate all that you have done for all of us who love to do research into our family history. All that said, I do have a correction on a surname How do I get this information to you for correction?

  2. Does anyone know where baptismal records for St Joseph’s RC church in Niagara Falls are currently held?

  3. My family was from Wales in 1026ad, trying to find more, name was spelled Crues in1700, I’m a Celtic witch trying to get info

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