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Amy’s Attic

In Amy's Attic, Letters on April 12, 2014 at 5:59 pm

My dear friend, Amy, has quite an eye for the yellowed things of times past. There are always treasures to discover among her odds and ends. Sometimes she comes by the library with her trunk filled with relics. I rummage through her goodies and always seem to find something that calls to me. In fact, my house is filled with her unique findings and her creations. Each item, a ghost of another time. I love how these old things smell, how they crumble a bit, and leave a piece of themselves on my skin. Probably my favorite things she collects are old photographs and letters. When I told her how I wished I could come across some old letters she dropped off a package at my desk. A package filled with old letters, photos, greetings, legal documents. I thought to myself: how lovely! I wish everyone could see these precious things she brings to me. And then I realized that I can share these things with you. And I decided to create a special section on our blog for Amy’s little artifacts. Hopefully some of Amy’s things will be of interest to you and perhaps these old spirits may find their way home through the magic of the internet. So welcome into these enchanted woods…to “Amy’s Attic.”

photoAmy has her heart invested in two special businesses:  Daredevil Furnishings and Daredevil Creations.    Check out her Facebook pages for details.  Her unique items will also be for sale locally  in the Niagara area including Amy K’s Mystick Boutique at 4613 Military Road, in Niagara Falls.