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The Story of Niagara’s early Italian-American culinary traditions

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Mama D'Avolio from Macri's Italian Grille

Mama D’Avolio from Macri’s Italian Grille

If you are interested in a history of Niagara’s early Italian culinary traditions, then this is the book for you! Written and compiled by The Italian Research Group at the Lewiston Public Library this is the story of your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, pizzerias and so much more.

Buon Appetito is now available at the following website:


St. Joseph’s School, Niagara Falls

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Step back into the 1920’s with this photograph revealing a classroom at St. Joseph’s School in Niagara Falls.  The only student we can name is:  Sam Carlo (the arrow points to him).

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Buon Appetito; the families of Niagara’s early Italian culinary traditions

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Check out our new blog concerning Niagara’s early Italian families. We welcome comments, suggestions, additional stories and photos, etc.


New Microfilm from Gimigliano, Catanzaro, Italy

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Maria Teresa Scalzo Ciambrone

Thanks to the Friends of the Lewiston Public Library the Genealogy Department will be adding new microfilm to our collection.
The microfilm on its way from Salt Lake City includes the following records from Gimigliano, Cantanzaro, Italy :

Registri dello stato civile di Gimigliano (Catanzaro), 1809-1900
Nati 1809-1825
Nati 1825-1847
Nati 1847-1861 –
Processetti 1809-1818
Processetti 1819-1830
Processetti 1830-1848
Processetti 1849-1860 — Notificazioni 1810-1845
Notificazioni 1846-1861 — Matrimoni 1809-1861 — Morti 1809-1828
Morti 1829-1861
Nati 1866-1888
Nati 1890-1910 — Pubblicazioni 1866-1910 — Matrimoni 1870-1900
Matrimoni 1901-1910 — Morti 1866-1910

Many Niagara Falls area residents of Italian descent may find valuable family history information in these records.

Microfilm Available at the Lewiston Public Library

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Microfilm at Lewiston Public Library

The forgotten ones

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We all have those boxes of photographs…the ones that grandma left behind.   The ones that no one knows anything about.  Who are they?  We recognize faces and expressions as if they are our own and see these lost souls in our children’s eyes.

Patricia DiNieri asked if I would share her forgotten ones.  There are a few notations on the backs of her photographs but often the notations only provide more mystery.

Let us know if you recognize anyone.  She feels that most of these photographs are of people related to the Scalzo or Critelli families and many of them were probably taken in Gimigliano, Italy.  These people are most likely related to the Scalzos of Niagara Falls, New York.

And, please, send me JPEGs of your own “forgotten ones” to include on this blog.  Maybe we can finally bring them back to life.


Possibly Fred Scalzo on right, his father on left. They last lived in Akron, Ohio.


Fred Scalzo?





Some Vintage Ads from (Fortuna’s) Deluxe Restaurant

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The De Luxe Grill was an Italian-American restaurant located at 827 19th Street, Niagara Falls, owned and operated by my great grandfather, Francesco Fortuna–an Italian immigrant to the Niagara Falls area. Born in L’Amatrice, in the province of Abruzzo, my great grandfather had run away from home while just a young boy to apprentice with his uncle in Rome–who had been a chef at a well known restaurant. He brought his passion for the culinary arts to the New World and the De Luxe Grill was born in 1946. My grandmother, Gina (Jean Ann), worked at Bell Aircraft during the War and handed over all of her checks to her parents to help purchase the building on 19th Street. Most of the family worked in the restaurant and my sweet uncle, Victor Ventresca, a returned veteran of the Second World War, was officially my grandfather’s business partner. Through Uncle Victor came the prized liquor license. The restaurant was located deep in the heart of Niagara’s “Little Italy.” It is still in operation today thanks to my cousin, Joseph Fortuna…the third generation to run Fortuna’s Restaurant.

In the process of researching for a new book, “Buon Appetito; the families of Niagara’s early Italian culinary traditions,” I came upon these wonderful vintage advertisements from the Niagara Falls Gazette.

There will be much more to share in the future on all of Niagara’s Italian culinary institutions!

Grand Opening--January 1946

Grand Opening–January 1946


September 1946

September 1946


March 1, 1947

March 1, 1947


January 29, 1954

January 29, 1954


April 1955

April 1955


April 21, 1960...Closed for Remodeling

April 21, 1960…Closed for Remodeling






St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Cemetery Register, January 26, 1969 to May 22, 1978

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This book contains records from the Cemetery Register from St. Joseph’s Cemetery, from January 26, 1969 to May 22, 1978.

Index A-D
Index D-M
Index M-S
Index T-Z
January 26, 1969-August 25, 1968
September 1, 1969-February 3, 1972
January 26, 1970-August 5, 1970
March 13, 1971-November 13, 1971
December 30, 1972-July 3, 1973
April 20, 1973-January 9, 1974
January 6, 1974-July 11, 1974
May 11, 1974-November 29, 1974
November 26, 1974-May 25, 1975
April 3, 1975-November 28, 1975
March 6, 1976-August 18, 1976
August 16, 1976-March 31, 1977
January 15, 1977-August 6, 1977
August 11, 1977-March 18, 1978
January 12, 1978-May 25, 1978

St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Single Graves, March 1931-March 1942

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This book contains the burials at St. Joseph’s Cemetery from March 1931 to March of 1942.

March 21, 1931-August 29, 1931

September 7, 1931-September 1, 1932

September 3, 1932-August 2, 1933

August 7, 1933- March 15, 1935

April 1, 1935-March 16, 1936

March 26, 1936-June 2, 1937

July 21, 1937-June 2, 1938

June 2, 1939-August 23, 1941

September 21, 1941-May 28, 1942 (some 1922)

St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Death Register, 1922-1942, Sections A,B,C,D, Six and Twelve Grave Lots

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This book contains graves listed in the Death Register from May 1922 to March 1942 that are located in Sections A,B,C and D.

May 5, 1922-Feb, 15, 1925

March 12, 1925-June 11, 1927

July 9, 1927-May 28, 1928

July 7, 1929-January 23, 1932

February 10, 1932-February 5, 1934

February 15, 1934-October 19, 1936

November 8, 1936-December 9, 1938

January 3, 1939-March 12, 1941

March 15, 1941-March 30, 1942