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The Lewiston Librarian and the Indian Chief

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Chief Elton Greene

I recently found these documents while going through a file cabinet…looking for something else and it caught my eye. One of our favorite Lewiston librarians from times past, Virginia Scipione, had interviewed Tuscarora Chief Elton Greene in February of 1975. A Lewiston librarian, myself, I have also interviewed Tuscarora chiefs and I have heard some things about the Little People that Chief Greene mentions. I wrote of the Little People in a book called, From the Mouth of the Niagara River; Stories of Four Historic Communities. They were called: Oogweshiya.
Does anyone know of these Little People? If you do, I hope you will share.

This interview also contains legends of big animals and monsters, the Tuscarora language, the clans, choosing a chief, the maternal lines and other fascinating incidents in Tuscarora history.   I find it especially remarkable how the Native Americans follow a matrilineal line of descent as genetics today proves that our DNA contains common elements that are passed on from mother to child for endless generations.

Click on the following link to read the transcript of the full interview:

Interview with Chief Elton Greene

Tuscarora Cemetery, Lewiston

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Stereoview by George Barker, Tuscarora woman at Niagara Falls

Stereoview by George Barker, Tuscarora woman at Niagara Falls

Courtesy Town of Niagara historian, Dorothy Rolling.

The following includes burials at the Tuscarora Cemetery, Lewiston:

Tuscarora Cemetery

February is “the Month of the Tilting Road”

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    From the Niagara Falls Gazette, February 28, 1951…

    Month of the Tilting Road…

Chief Clinton Rickard is one oldtimer who subscribes enthusiastically to the claim that Niagara frontier winters are not nearly as severe as they used to be.  And he quotes Indian history to prove it.

The Tuscarora chief recalls that when he was a boy and farmers hereabouts depended solely on horses and wagons for their winter transportation regular country roads were not used for several months each year.  Deep snow made lanes impassable and drifts covered the fences so the farmers struck off across the fields and traveled over temporary winter routes. 

Along about this time of the year the snow would begin to melt but the slanting sun’s rays would cut down one sleigh track more than the other.  As one side of the road  fell away the sleighs passed over it with a decided tilt. 

Chief Rickard links those days with the present by pointing out that the Tuscorara word for February means “month of the tilting road.”  It was a highly descriptive name in the years when February snows were deep and lasting.  But nowadays there is no tilting road because the winters are not what they used to be…

Chief Clinton RickardFebruary



2013 Tuscarora Migration Project

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Young Tuscarora adventurers

Young Tuscarora adventurers

Many of our local Niagarans of Tuscarora ancestry are tracing the steps of their forefathers as they commemorate the 300th anniversary (1713-2013) of their migration home.

The 1,300 mile, 70-day relay style event will  cross through six states starting from Fort Nooherooka, Snow Hill, NC to our Tuscarora Nation in Lewiston, NY.  It began on Sunday, March 24, and will continue until these indigenous adventurers make their way home to Lewiston.

Make sure to check the website at:


The website contains a migration map that can be followed daily.   There is also a Facebook page:  2013 Tuscarora Migration Project.