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Wartime World, Part Four: Seven Days on Wartime Rations

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Can you do it? Can you survive a week on rations as our grandparents did? I have put together some menu options that you might like to try. Keep in mind that this is how the English would have been rationed. Most of the recipes that I have included here were common to England during the war. Some recipes are authentic from Niagara Falls, New York.

Check back for more and my own attempts to survive a week on wartime rations.

Marriages from the Niagara Falls Gazette, 1864

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Deaths in the Niagara Falls Gazette, 1864

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Click on the following link for Deaths from the Niagara Falls Gazette, 1863

Deaths 1864

The above link contains the original death posting from the Niagara Falls Gazette.

1864 Deaths

The above link contains an alphabetical listing of those mentioned in the 1864 obituaries.